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New Painting

Here's the newest little thing I painted the other day.
Apparently I was born in the year of the rat. Go Figure.

Misc Random Artwork found

Here is some artwork I have come across... not recent stuff, but something.

The first is a set of portraits of a friend's kids, the next is a mural on a pillar outside a home on the Main Line, and the last is a Ganesha rendition for my gram. IF YOU STEAL THESE IMAGES U WILL COMBUST!

Thanks and I plan on posting new artwork more often.

More body Painting

This event features the Lovely Miss Julia (

She worked out great as our Carmen Maranda... all hand-painted fruit taking about 7 hours to complete. "Taste of the Countryside" Catering Event - Won first place for best booth! Check out for more of our Creations!

Airbrush painting work

So I finally set myself up with one of these. This is for all my friends and family who never get to see my artwork.

These pictures are from Casino events themed with Jungle Cats. These all took roughly 12 hrs and all hand-airbrushed. Check out to view more of our work!