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Fall Weding Decorations Ideas

Decorating for a fall wedding can be an interesting challenge. It takes creativity to be able to come up with a perfect fall wedding. Fall weddings are considered one of the more romantic times to hold a wedding. There is something about the fall weather, fallen leaves, the beautiful colors and the overall atmosphere that gives weight to the idea that fall weddings are most romantic.

Fall wedding decorations are also relatively easy to come up with. The colors of the fall season are inspiration enough from the yellows to the browns and to the reds. Fall wedding decorations also can borrow from nature elements to lend a rustic and homely feel to the wedding.

There are many different things a couple can do for their fall wedding. If the wedding is held in early fall when the weather is a perfect, not too warm or too cold, then they can hold the wedding outdoors. An outdoor wedding would be great against the backdrop of the glorious colors of fall. Imagine the fallen leaves, the vibrant colors on the trees. An ideal location for an outdoor wedding would be a local farm, orchard or even a botanical garden.

However, if an outdoor wedding is not your cup of tea, or if you are holding your fall wedding little later in the season, then an indoor wedding would be great. For an indoor fall wedding, one would have to bring nature indoors - by incorporating fall colors into the table decor from the flowers to the table centerpieces.

When it comes to decorations for a fall wedding, flowers are still best to have in the walkway. For fall wedding decorations, daisies, sweet williams, chrysanthemums and colorful mums are some of the best flowers to use. Wedding reception decorations in the fall theme can adorn the entrance to the reception area and can have an arc made of dried leaves, dry grasses and haystack. The whole area can be donned with lamps and lights wrapped in colorful papers or cloths. A fall wedding can have a color scheme of orange, red and yellow.

A good match for the fall wedding decorations would be an off-white or cream-colored gown for the bridesmaids (see below for picture suggestions). For a more traditional touch of fall wedding, the entourage can have an orange motif. If the couple wants a more modern approach to the season, light blue motif would be a fine choice. The weather during fall season can be a bit unpredictable. To be on the safe side, it would be best if bridesmaids would wear thin-strapped, or maybe strapless, gowns with matching shawls or wraps. If the usual cold front will not be felt during the wedding ceremony, the ladies can just take off their wraps and be comfortable and cool enough with their gowns.

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