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friday night

I let this go for a week or two, so here is a few things that I have been working on.

I painted this last week while working at the South Street Body Graphics with Mony... it was pretty dead so I found a skull cast and did some acrylic sketch/studies to pass the time. I got my one and only issue of Tattoo Artist magazine, reading up on Jeff Gogue and admiring the way he paints skulls. He uses oil mostly, so acrylic was the next best (and portable) thing. I did one with mostly blue and another with pink and green. I'm not sure why I all of a sudden have an urge to use complimentary colors, but I'm diggin the freedom of painting that I missed! It was very theraputic. I feel like I have lost that freedom and need to get it back. I need to work on SLOWING DOWN and not wanting to finish so quickly. It's weird how everyone makes comments about my ability to work so fast, but when I am painting, I get so lost in what I am doing that before I know it, I am "done". Looking at these now, they are far from finished, but figured that I would just leave them as sketches and move onto more.

Need to upload another one to this, will post again very soon.

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