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Money Panic

I am off work today. Feels good until I went to go pay my bills. Only have about 1200-1400 per month in bills, and only making about 300 a week... this isn't good at ALL! I hope that when I start tattooing this will all change. I hate being broke. I feel stoked when I put cash in the bank, until it comes right out for bills. FUCK!

I started another flash sheet yesterday at the shop... it was fairly dead again until after dinnertime a group came in for some "In Loving Memory" tattoo and some girly stuff - stars and butterfly. Wish it was busier, but I guess with the slow season approaching fast, looks like I need to get this flash set done and out there. I need to HUSTLE YO!

Here is the flash sheet so far, just close ups.... talens ink on cold press watercolor paper 11 x 14. There is also a Mary in there but I forgot to take a pic of that!  Will post more tomorrow when I work on this again. Today is reserved for linework!

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