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New painting sketch

The shop wasn't that busy yesterday. The school year begins the slow season... so I spent most of my 12 hour shift just working on this sketch for a painting and taking some reference photos for it. Pardon the non-contrast on the picture, it was taken with my camera phone and I am currently san photo-editor.

Another thing I didn't get into was my bio picture. This one was taken at the National Tattoo Association Convention this past April of 2009. This year the convention was held in Concord, NC. This picture depicts the most fun night ever! Art Fusion! I had the opportunity to work next to some awesome tattoo artists and share paper with them for creating something fun and interesting, all for a benefit auction. The artists who I worked with were Nick Chaboya, Rodney Raines, Judy Parker and Rich Ives, not to mention many others that were drawing on the other side of the ballroom in black and grey. I hope to do it again next year! Here is that photo along with a few more!
Sorry for all the images and stuff, most of the recent posts I will be putting up will be playing catch-up with this blog and getting everyone up to date with what I have been doing.

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