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Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas for 2009

When you are asked to imagine a wedding, the first image that comes to mind is beautiful bride in a stunning white wedding gown, with lots of tulle, lace and pearl accessories. The white veil, the long train are also associated with that white wedding image.

However, there are many brides today who are opting for non-traditional wedding dresses - this appeals to brides who want to bring in color into their wedding dress, those who want to be unique and special, and prefer elegant simplicity to fussy adornments. A lot of brides in other cultures opt for colorful bridal dresses for their wedding. In fact, white as a tradition in Western weddings was brought about during the Victorian era, before that Western brides wore wedding dresses with color.

Contrary to belief, opting for non-traditional wedding dress does not mean you cannot afford to purchase one of those expensive designer white wedding dresses that are popular in bridal boutiques. Non-traditional wedding dresses can also be quite expensive depending on your designer. So do not imagine that you would be viewed as "cheap" by picking a non-traditional wedding dress.

By picking a non-traditional wedding dress, you can be sure to stand out and be remembered by people. While the trend for non-traditional wedding dress is picking up, it is still not that prevalent for you to be considered as just one of the many. A non-traditional wedding dress is a sure way for you to be special!

There are a lot of pretty colors to choose from, and here are some ideas to get you started on picking out the perfect non-traditional wedding dress.

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas

Blue Weddings

Vibrant Blue Wedding Dress
Perfect for a Beach Wedding, or Destination Wedding Theme

Baby Blue Wedding Dress by Maggie Sottero
For an Elegant Wedding Theme

Deep Blue Weding Dress

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ultimate
Definitely for the Spunky and Hip Bride
Blue wedding dress with Purple Tulle

Green Weddings

Exquisite Green Wedding Dress

Blue and Gold Wedding Dress

Green Blue Wedding Dress
Non-Traditional Wedding Dress for a Hip Bride
This dress is inspired by ethnic Indian Design

Sleek Green Bridal Gown
Kiera Knightly in the movie Atonement
in a Green Formal Dress
That would Make a Great Sleek Bridal Dress
for a Simple and Elegant Wedding

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New flash sheets!

Just a sneak-peak at two new flash sheets. New set will be on sale before Christmas of this year. Hit me up via email to reserve a copy for your shop today!

On top check out the new ghetto-fabulous sheet! Below is the filligree aka ornamental stuff in black and grey. More to come!!!

Things at the shop have been getting better by the day. Still frustrated, but not so much. I'm finally taking my test to become licensed to tattoo in Hawaii in January. I'll be working at Skin Deep Tattoo in Waikiki from Dec 13 through Jan 22.

Will post more later.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Winter Bridal Hairstyles

The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle for the Winter Bride

If you have decided on a winter wedding, and you have picked out your perfect winter wedding dress and decided on the perfect winter wedding make-up look, you should now think about picking out a complementary winter wedding hairstyle.

First rule of thumb - pick something that suits your personality. Do not pick something totally out of your character. Your discomfort with a brand new hairstyle that is out of the norm from your usual style will show. And that would be a sure way to ruin your wedding day!

Second, do look through magazines and wedding hairstyle blogs for ideas.

You have the choice of going with something more formal or something more relaxed. A formal wedding hairdo can be an up-do with elaborate styling and accessories. A relaxed hairdo can be a half-up and half-down hairstyle, or leaving it down with flowing tresses.

Third, keep in mind that there is absolutely no restriction to picking out a perfect winter wedding hairstyle. It all depends on the theme of your overall winter wedding plan, the wedding dress, the decorations and so on. If your wedding is formal, then a formal hairdo would be most appropriate.

Fourth, if you are hiring a hairstylist, do book a trial appointment to see how well she works with the style you have in mind. It is also a good idea to see how you will look in the hairdo you pick. What you see in a picture or photograph on someone else, might not always be the right look for you. For instance, if you have a very round face, an up-do hairstyle might not be the best for you. You have to keep these things in mind as you select your winter wedding hairdo.

Here are some image ideas of winter wedding hairstyles that can get you started on narrowing down a perfect hairdo for yourself!

Perfect Winter Wedding Hairstyle Looks

Classic Winter Wedding Hairtsyle Formal Updo Look
With Tiara and Traditional Veil

Winter Wedding Hairstyle
Elaborate Ponytail at the Nape

Winter Wedding Bride
with Long Flowing Tresses

Winter Wedding Formal Hairstyle
Floral Chignon

Vintage Glam
Winter Wedding Hairstyle
Flowing Hair Down

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