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Egyptian Themed Wedding

Some brides like themed weddings. Planning for these can be rather fun - time to let your creative juices flow! To make a themed wedding work, you would need to come up with unique ideas - don't get bogged down with cliched ideas on themed weddings. Be spontaneous!

Today's post is on Egyptian Themed Weddings, and we hope we will provide you with a starting basis for planning your themed wedding.

Colors to Consider for an Egyptian Themed Wedding

Egyptologist Anita Stratos informs us that the Ancient Egyptian palette had six colours:

* red (desher)
* green (wadj)
* blue (khesbedj and irtiu)
* yellow (kenit and khenet)
* black (khem or kem)
* white (shesep and hedj)

More colors to consider using modern Egyptian culture as a basis: gold, black, and red. Also dark blue, orange, green, basically vibrant, rich colors.

Some other ideas you can use to inspire yourself in planning for an Egyptian themed wedding.

1. Think about the most suitable decoration related with your favorite ancient Egyptian story. If you choose Nefertiti, then you need to make an Egyptian background. Adorn your venue with pyramids, palm trees, desert and oasis.

2. Choose a wedding dress and Egyptian make up. However, if you still want to wear modern wedding dress, you can add Egyptian accessories. Thus, you do mix and match on your body.

3. Play Egyptian traditional music.

4. Use miniature of pyramids or Egypt special flower

5. Serve Egyptian food for your guests or you can mix the menu with your favorite ones, so your guests will have many options to choose.

6. Give Egyptian craft for wedding favors. You can also make Egyptian cookies as the favors.

Egyptian Themed Wedding Pictures

Egyptian Inspired Wedding Cake
for Egyptian Themed Wedding

Egyptian Styled Wedding Favors
Pyramid Wedding Favor Boxes

Egyptian Styled Wedding Tent
For A Regal Bride and Bridegroom Presiding at Wedding Reception

Egyptian Inspired Wedding Dresses

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