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Final countdown!

So I have two weeks left before heading to Hawaii to start tattooing. In the meantime I have been busting my ass at the shop and practicing. Here are a few things I've done on the skin....

This one was for a friend/coworker at the shop who gave me the idea for this one.  This was more fun than anything. I strapped the skin to a friend of mine and worked on this all day. Once I put in the color though it started staining the skin and made the thing look super muddy. After that I'm sticking to black and grey for this stuff.

This is one I'm working on for my Mom, naturally. This one was much for fun because I could actually see what I was doing. Also tried out this Infinite Irons machine a friend gave me to use... its still weird tattooing this stuff, but its really helping me with getting used to the weight of the machine for hours on end.

I'm really stoked to get out of Philly for a while and start tattooing. These three years have brought me to this point.

I will post on here more while I am away, letting everyone see the progress as I go along. I will be in Hawaii tattooing at Skin Deep in Waikiki from Sept 15- til the first week in December.

Until next time......

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