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one week away...

Had a good day at the shop today.

Had a few walk-ins and got to work with my mentors. I rarely get to work with both of them so I got to watch both of them work all day. Although I was busy with customers and whatnot most of the day, in my downtime I got to watch Bill work on this awesome phoenix on an arborist's ribs and Anna worked on this sweet 1/2 sleeve of lotus blossoms and hibiscus. It makes me miss Hawaii just watching her tattoo those flowers.

I'm pretty bummed that I haven't done any real "art" lately. Did a few sketches, but nothing noteworthy. I guess i've been stressing about leaving for Hawaii... leaving my boyfriend of almost 2 years..... leaving my family and friends. it's just weird. i've spent the last 3.5 yrs of my life apprenticing and now i have to leave. yes, its a wonderful opportunity. yes, who in their right mind would turn down an opportunity like this. i hope that i get to spend time one on one with them.

i'll be gone for 3 months. after not tattooing for 3.5 years, i'm leaving my homeland to tattoo in hawaii, away from everything. i'm so excited that i don't think it truly hit me until now. all this hard work has finally paid off! now i have to man up and let them know that i learned something. this is the true test.... right? 

exactly one week from today i will be in another time zone.

i'll post some art within the next few days i promise.


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