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4 days left....

Last few days!

i'm trying my hardest to not stress out.... just had to drop $427 on my damn car this morning for a routine inspection, which turned out to me needing some tires, hoses, whatever. On top of that trying to come up with rent, which was due 3 days ago. i'm so sick and tired of being broke.

anyway, been doing some exercises involving making the "perfect" stencil from a shitty drawing or photocopy and working on shading. basically i've been taking my mentor's stencils and shading them in myself on paper, seeing how i would lay out the black and gray. nothing too fun but its good practice.

i haven't worked on my fake skin in a few days.... been too busy working sales every day and trying to hustle that money to take care of some bills before i leave town.

i'll post some sketches soon.

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