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First few days

Aloha! It's official! I am here....

Of course the weather is gorgeous, I've just been hanging out with my friend Lorna alot. After about 14 hrs of flying, we went out with some friends to a few local bars, had some good food and had all the fruity Hawaiian drinks we could! HA!

This is what got us through the 14 hr flight.... a sweet layover in Houston :)

A few of these and two Tylenol PMs later, we're here!

I start work tonight just doing sales until Wednesday which will be my first day tattooing on the floor! So stoked! I believe I'm tattooing Noah, a super awesome local guy with some large tribal work on him that needs to be recolored.

I will (of course) keep you posted on that.

Of course we made a few stops to the beach bars and whatnot since we've been here. :)

I'm gonna head down to the beach now.... going to relax a bit and stretch out my super-sore legs after a 45 min run this morning (which I am NOT accustomed to).... I'm going to try my best to run or jog every morning, eat a good breakfast and eat healthy. So far, I've ran 2 days in a row and my legs feel like they're going to fall off!

Here's to a nice, SLOW walk to the beach.


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