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The first step

So today I got to tattoo my Mentor! Bill sat for me while Anna worked with me the entire time. Super stoked! Here are some pics. I didn't do much, just re-colored a flower on his arm that was about 15 yrs old. You can't really see the final product but once I get more pics I'll post those.

These are mostly for my fam and friends that have waited so long for me to get started! I leave for Hawaii tonight around 3am and should be there by 1pm tomorrow Hawaii time. I'm so excited I can't believe the time has finally come. I intend to post as often as I can to keep everyone in the loop with my progress.

hahahah! So much fun! I was sorta freaking out while this was going on, but the biggest thing I have to keep telling myself is to slow the hell down, and take it one step at a time. My biggest problem in general is the fact that I want to get things done quick and efficiently... which can be a good thing when you're sure what you're doing. In this case, I have to take a deep breath and relax. One thing at a time. This is not a race. Once I learn the technical part everything will fall into place.

Thanks to Bill and Anna for bearing with me for the whole hour it took me to fill in the damn thing! One color at a time!

Once I get some better photos of the tattoo close up I'll post those.

By this time tomorrow I will be in Hawaii!


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