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ALOHA monday!

Here's what I got to do yesterday...

This one was on a Japanese woman who was leaving town the next day...

This one was alot of fun... there was language barrier there but our sales girl helped me out in that department since she speaks Japanese.

This woman was so nice! She was from England and was leaving town the next day also. This was so fun to do! The foot is weird to tattoo but I think I'm getting used to it.

This guy came in knowing that I was still learning... and had a bunch of stuff on his leg that needed fixing... this one in particular. His entire leg is (sorta) finished, it just needs more solid color and linework. Last night's project: palm tree. So I drew up a newer one on top so he can see what I was planning to do.

This was the completed line work... this one looked more like a full palm tree like the one on the other side of his leg. This was fun to do!

We did a little bit of shading before we called it a night. Bill was right there with me helping me along. Really excited to work on this guy again! He's going to give me his entire calf as my project! SWEET!

Working sales tonight... tattooing Noah's friend tomorrow.


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