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perfect circle

So last night I did my FIRST perfect circle... This one was on Noah's other friend Kama. Super nice local dude that brought in this image.

One one part of the circle there was an overlap with the wing so it made it look thicker that it really is. I was totally sweating over this one. Bill was with me the entire time and that helped keep me relaxed. It took about 2 hrs since I'm slow, but overall I like how it turned out and so did Kama!

I like this view alot with his arm flexed. It shows how we lined up the design.

Thanks to Kama for letting me do this on him! Great experience and it's going right in my portfolio.

I'm working sales tmrw so i probably won't post anything until Saturday or Sunday. I'm going to try diving for the first time Saturday morning, so wish me luck!


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