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Playing catch up

So I have a bunch of stuff to show you all!

I'm going to try and remember the order of these so bear with me!

I did this on my friend/coworker Iona...
This was alot of fun and challenging... especially with the swirls. I'll take a picture once it's healed so we can see how I did.

I did this one on a super sweet Australian guy. Bill outlined it and I filled it in. Didn't take too long and I think I'm getting the hang of stretching the skin and getting the color solid.

Did this one on an Australian girl last night actually... It's the same thing only slightly modified. Anna outlined and I filled in as well. Freckly skin is so different to tattoo.

 This came in late one night.... this guy just wanted some stars around his exsisting stuff. It was fun to do some stars finally!

This came in for Anna the other night... So she let me outline the entire thing and then she did all the color work around the sunset scene. I'm getting better at lettering and making those lines deliberate. Here's a picture of the background from Anna....

All finished with background..... Nice and colorful and he was really excited about it.

This one I was allowed to do from start to finish... took me like 2 hours BUT the guy knew that I'm no speed demon as of yet.... it was challenging but I'm happy with how it came out and the dude loved it! I'm getting better at my linework and just trying to relax and focus while I'm working.

This little one came in with the freckled girl on the hip. I didn't outline it but I filled it in and added the color. The hip area was weird tattooing, but not as bad as I thought. I liked coloring in the flower. She was super sweet and a team player for letting me tattoo her!

At the end of the night a newlywed couple from Italy came by. I was able to draw up the lettering and fill it in. Since I haven't worked on the inner arm before Anna did the outline. She and I did 4 tag-team tattoos together last night... talk about fun! Assembly line tattooing done by request haha!

I also tattooed his wife... Anna also outlined this and I filled it in. REALLY weird tattooing behind the ear.

So cute.... even though it was weird, I learned alot about the skin back there. Next time I'm hoping I'll be able to outline whatever they throw at me.

Keone stopped back in the other night to show me his island I did two weeks ago... it healed great! I may want to go a little darker in some areas... but I'm going to wait until after his wedding to do that. Not to mention he wants a half sleeve with a Hawaiian owl.... it's too big for me to do right away, but I'm going to draw it up mostly and then Bill/Anna will outline and I'll help fill in.

Thats all for now! Sorry for the delay and I will post more later!


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