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1.5 weeks left!

So I've done a few more pieces in the past week and thought I would post them....

This woman was from Brasil and was her first tattoo... She was super sweet and gave me freedom with it aside from the board. It had to be positioned and colored VERY specific.

Overall I had fun with it, and experimented with a little grey in there... nothing too crazy.

This was so random and so simple and fun!!! I had to throw it in. She was a college student and we all let her know that this wasn't going to stay. It still looks awesome!

This wednesday I had another short session with Noah... finished two small stripes. His skin was irritated from hollyrot so we couldn't do too much.

This time it was especially fun because I got to tattoo with both hands! I haven't done too much with my left hand since I started tattooing, so whynot warm up my left hand to the machine since I already paint with it?

Now I need to master it!

This tattoo walked right in on Saturday! What a better tattoo than a hula girl while in Hawaii! He picked it right from the Sailor Jerry stencil book and he let me do my thing. It was so much fun and his skin took the ink sooo well! Had a little trouble stretching up in the armput area, but once I got the hang of it everything went well. This guy is going to let me do another one on his other arm next week!

I tattooed my coworker/friend Stolfi Saturday night! He let me do whatever I wanted, so we have this sad pigeon holding an umbrella sitting on a branch.. in the rain. We did the entire thing in black, grey and red. It looks kind of dark from the photo, but I stuck to mostly midtone greys so we can watch it heal and I can get more practice in smoothing out my greywash. He was super excited about the design and I got to experiment with lineweight, used two different liners with this one.

This woman walked in today a few hours ago and picked this one out of our linework reference file. She was super nice and let me have fun with the color. Another biscuit to add to the list!

So I leave town very soon, so I need to make every tattoo count before I leave. Not that I haven't before, but I need to make sure everything is perfect.

Until next time...


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