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A good friday!

After a long week of doing sales and not tattooing, I was excited for Mike to throw me a few tattoos yesterday. This butterfly walked in a few days ago and her, along with her husband came back to get their tattoos. This woman was super nice and I enjoyed tattooing her. This was challenging because not only was the design super tight, but her skin was SUPER stretchy, and aged.... and THIN. Definitely a test in stretching skills! Overall I was happy with it and hope it heals well.
These next few pictures are a bracelet made of honus and plumeria on a woman's wrist. After I finished the butterfly she walked in and after 15 minutes of drawing we settled on this. I was really happy with this and she let me design it for her. We alerternated pink flowers with orange and yellow ones. She was really laid back and despite her conservative appearance, she had a gorgeous polynesian rib piece done on the island at a different studio. It's funny how some people surprise you.   

She comes here alot for vacation so I hope to see this again, see how it heals.

Unfortunately I don't have any tattoos today, probably won't tattoo again until next week.  Hopefully it will pick up a bit more...

Anyway, Bill and Anna come home tomorrow so I'm stoked to show them what I've done and do some more projects with them. I'll post a drawing I'm working on soon of a dragon that Bill and I are sketching together.

I can't believe that I have been here two months already! It went by so fast. Although I love it here, I'm ready to go home, take care of business, tattoo some friends and come back here with a clean slate. I feel like I'm living two lives, one in Hawaii and one in Philly. I miss Philly alot and get homesick here and there. Sounds lame but being away from everything you have been used to for the past 3 yrs can take a toll on you.

Blah blah blah Gotta get back to work now, Mike is tattooing a sweet backpiece of wings so I should get to cleaning.


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