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Another day

So even though I was supposed to work sales yesterday, and I did.... but Mike was awesome enough to throw me these two...

This couple walked in and wanted an outline of this stick figure dude in a canoe.... I think they drew it up or printed it out not really sure, but it was a cute idea and they each got the same thing. She got hers on her wrist much smaller and he got his on back of the calf. Super fun!

For some reason the wrist image won't upload so once I figure that out I'll post that too.

After these two, a small logo of an eagle walked in and I was able to do that too, but I totally forgot to take a picture! She will  be back with her husband so I'll be sure to snap a pic next time!

Off work today heading to the print shop to print out the stuff I've done since they left town. They come back today so I would like to be prepared.

More to come...

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