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So the shop is still a bit slow, but I was able to grab a name the other day and worked on the guy with the palm tree on his leg.

Here is the name...

I should have zoomed in more for this photo... so its not the greatest picture. I didn't do the hibiscus above it. I have definitely done better than this but I think I did the best I could at the time. She really liked how it turned out so that made me happy.

 So I got another session in with Dave for his leg. This time I colored in the palm tree and added some cloud outlines in the background. He has alot of faded greenish blue background starting at his foot and goes all the way up. On his foot is an underwater scene, so we decided to make the area by the trees more sky-like. We were going to color in some of the background with a light blue but he was pretty sore after the tree. I'm not the fasted yet so I worked on him for about 2.5-3 hrs.

The next session we're going to fill in the background and the clouds, and then go from there. I enjoyed working on this and hope to finish it and make it new and clean looking. He has alot of random stuff there so we need to make sense of it.

Here's a closer view of the tree.

Back to work now... until next time...


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