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Turd polishing 101

So Saturday I got to rework another old tattoo... this guy had an 8 yr old tribal wristband with a VERY small harley logo on the center. So I draw on him for a bit with Bill and came up with this.

 You can see how small these letters in the logo were. The tribal was easy to figure out, we added a few extra spikes to it in the front to frame out the logo, and wanted to salvage what little spaces we could on the bracelet. The logo was the hardest thing for me... those letters were so damn small and to top it all off his skin was older and the logo underneath was a little scarred.

After he approved of this we got started. Everything went really smooth I though, but like I said that lettering wasn't the greatest. I need to work on tiny letters. This tattoo was a prime example of why people shouldn't do designs so tiny. After only 8 yrs you couldn't even read the logo anymore. At least the tribal was easily fixable.

 I was able to add some white to the closed up spaces and open up the bracelet some more.
 We were able to put a little bit of color back into the logo, but as for the lettering, the best we were able to do for him at this point was to put the lettering back in and re-outline what he had. The tribal was no problem and he really liked how the lines were sharp again.
I definitely learned alot from this one, and how you can salvage tattoos that you think are a lost cause.

Lesson learned: NEVER make a harley logo this small. EVER!

More stuff to come..

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