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Easy Face Painting Design

Easy Face Painting Design
Easy Face Painting Design At the first birthday of my daughter, I was lucky enough to have a cousin who is an artist and he whipped off her face painting kit and paint in front of an older child and the entire upper torso. My brother was completely ready for the Hulk, and the Aquarium, the girls had their faces painted up like princesses and cute little butterflies and balloons.

Children love to paint the face, they are fascinated by watching others get their faces painted and look forward to seeing their picture on the front. My daughter's fifth birthday approaching and I was desperately wanting a crash course on how to do it myself, I would not want to hire a makeup artist for my party.

The key is to start with simple face painting designs. The drawing of the face should be easy enough to be able to use small mushrooms, cut into circles, triangles, squares, diamonds, ATMs in the face painting and place it on your skin and leaves a basic design you can build on, or end with a small peak, low light, or shadows. Use a different sponge for each color, you'll need more mushrooms in the same design for each color you use.

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