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Last few days

So I got to work on my client with the palm tree on his leg, Dave the other night. I was able to work on the background and am happy with what Bill and I came up with for the color sceme. The sun up at the top is a bit scarred and he was hating me after our session, so when I get back in Jan we will recolor that in and rework the mermaid girl and smooth out the shading.

We used some grey and color reflections in the clouds and faded blues to oranges and pinks up towards the top.

I did this the other night as a last minute walk-in. I was happy with the outcome other than my outline... next time I'm going to use something finer so they aren't so bold. She loved the color and my friend Stolfi tattooed her mother and her sister as well with the same design. They flew out the next day happy so that's all that matters.... ya live and learn.

The sameday Dave came in Noah came in afterwards and we finished up another swirl on his other arm/shoulder. This took about 2 hrs and he did well.

I get to touch up Dustin's tiki today around 5 so I'll post pics of that tonight or tmrw. I'm so excited to go back home to Philly tomorrow night... I've been here for 3 months and am ready to get off the island and back home for a month and half. I'm NOT ready for the cold though.

More to come.... ALOHA

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