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Happy New Year Everyone

Aha, Happy New Year! Thank for your support in 2011, I very appreciate!!!

I will bring you more bridal fashion news and beautiful wedding dresses in the next year!

Hope you have a lot of fun in my blog!


Short messy hairstyles add extra height to the style. Short messy hairstyles make the hairstyle stunning and incredible. If you are worried about your short hairstyles and think that you can not style well with your short hairs then you must not be worried about it. Short messy hairstyles will give you great styles and fun. 
Short messy hairstyles and short layered hairstyles can be made with thick hairs so for this hairstyle first you use a right shampoo that will increase the volume to the hairs. You must do simple steps for short messy hairstyles. You need a preparation and comb, tease your hairs with comb to give you a messy look. You also need a blow dryer to dry your hairs. You can use it on wet or dry hairs. 
Short messy hairstyles
Do not think that this hairstyle is difficult. Short messy hairstyles are easy to wear. First step is to achieve the look is to scrunch hair, then tousle hair in opposite directions; this is due to avoiding hair falling stick straight in a uninspiring common place style.
Short messy hairstyles
Short messy hairstyles are easy to do, some use mousse or gel to hold their hairs, hang hairs upside down and then push the layers to one side, this will help you in defining the style you want. Short messy hairstyle making is a science that you just get out of your bed and do not comb your hairs. It needs a practice to get the right messy look. The new shaggy short hairstyles 2012  may be messy but do not mean that they look best in short hairs. A new shaggy short messy hairstyle can be styled as follows:
Short messy hairstyles
1-Towel dries your hairs and spray a conditioner over hairs.
2-Apply gel through out your hairs with fingers and comb with wide toothed comb.
3-Apply a volumizer along the crown of your head.
4-blow dries your hairs.
5-Lift certain strands of hair with fingers as you dry, and direct airflow up the hair shaft from the ends to the roots to build in movement and lift.
6-When hair is dry, apply a little wax or pomade and pinch ends to piece.
7-Apply hairspray to hold the hairstyle and use small amount of shine if desired through the hairs.
Short messy hairstyles
Once you have got shaggy haircut, then you can transform it in to shaggy short messy hairstyle by using hairstyling products. Short messy hairstyles are easy to wear and add a fun in the field of hairstyling. For more new hairstyles  please click Hairstyles 2012.

Watters and Watters Bridal Collection

Watters and Watters always create some of the best wedding dresses for brides! This famous brand do know how to fulfill brides' dreams, and they did this very well. Stunning details, romantic element, exclusive cuts, and brilliant design... all of these make brides-to-be crazy, some of them even uploaded some photos after they got the wedding dress of Watters.

UGG Fashion For Brides

Who says brides must wear sexy high-heeled shoes at wedding? Wedding in the winter, of course, many brides choose warm shoes instead of sexy bare toe shoes, but sometimes, you just thought boots are too heavy, and not fashion enough, or ingore the fashion style, it should be have a little cute taste, or whatever. Just traditional boots can not achieve what you want, what about UGG?

We can see more and more brides prefer UGG than other warm shoes, by the way, consider warm, UGG will be the first boots I can think of, and you?, any way, we must admit that during these years, UGG has changed a lot, from the beginning pure color style to different kinds of creative design, it proved to us that boots can be fashion and stylish too. So, winter brides, why not select UGG for your wedding? Both cute and warm, right? And you will find another different style you never though before.

Hawaii update

 So my trip started off pretty slow, it was practically dead after that one busy Sunday I had when I first got to town. Dead for almost two weeks. All comes with this profession...feast or famine. Especially in this town.

Anyway, these photos aren't exactly in order so I'm gonna wing it.

This little sunflower was a walkin from last night. Her first tattoo, with her kids' names and a bible verse.
 This rose was done on a friend of a friend, let me do any kind of rose I wanted, and I wanted do something fun with color. The cover up underneath was done by someone else. This was alot of fun to do and got to experiment a bit.

 Another first tattoo on a mother who wanted her daughter's name in Hawaiian.
 Another stab at some polynesian! He was a surfer from Australia with some scarring on his arm. Haven't worked with scars too much as of yet so this was good practice for me. Had some fun with the design, he let me do my thing for the most part.

 This was a fun day! Not much was going on and one of our regulars came in for some pain!!! He wanted these anchors on the soles of his feet! He's been tattooed a bunch already and knew that these would not last. So I got my friend Stolfi in on the fun, we tagged teamed tattooed him! Was my first bottom of the foot as well!

 Lettering on inner bicep....another first tattoo for a young father.
 Keone came in last week to get his owl all finished. Really stoked to get this one under my belt, and because of this one, I have now two more owls to work on before I leave town! Want to play around with textures with the next one. I'm happy with how he healed and the overall layout. Can't wait to do more big pieces like this!
 Canadian dude in town for a few days... wanted this in stone on his back.
One of the very first hip tattoos... cute little shell on another first-timer.

Until next time....


Enjoy Your Wedding Honeymoon at Maldives

Maldives, paradise in real world! It is a romantic place every one dreams of! Blue ocean, soft sunshine, white beach, small excellent house upon the water… all of these attract people in the world go there. More new couples choose Maldives to enjoy their Honeymoon, brilliant decision!!

Imagine that you walk along this white beach, bare toe touch the soft sand, hand in hand with your lover, sometimes, you just want to walk like this until the end of the world.

Lying on the beach, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the greatest moment, nothing is important at that moment, just the amazing landscape, just the blue ocean…


Medium haircuts with bangs are very versatile. They give a new change to the hairstyle. Medium haircuts with bangs are great choices for women who want to have hot, attractive looks. The most reputed hairstyles 2013 these days is layers. Cute medium haircuts with layers give a new look to the hairstyle and personality.Medium layered haircuts with bangs is mostly adopted. In this haircut, hairs from the back are cut in layers while hairs from the side are styled in bangs. This hairstyle becomes more adorable if the bangs are colored. 
A good hairstylist can give you a hairstyle which suits you. During making of hairstyle you should be conscious that the hairstylist meets your expectation of bangs. Most hairstyles with bangs look good on all hair textures and hair types. Bangs are great ways to create and alter different style. Some hairstyles look good without bangs but mostly hairstyles look great with bangs. Bangs definitely make a world of difference to you. 
Medium haircuts - Medium hairstyles
Medium haircuts are mostly adopted because you can give a new look without changing the hairstyle. Medium hairstyles are popular because of their relatively low maintenance. They offer different styling opportunities and suit on any face depending on the haircut. Medium haircuts with bangs have been a classic element for many years. 
Medium haircuts - Medium hairstyles
The bangs always persist in the trends, and make your face look more sculpted and could change the image without changing the haircut. Some girls like side bangs with curly hairs. If you desire this fashion with aspect bangs then first reduce your hairs in layers round the face. Apply curl-shaping mousse to moist hair and form the aspect bangs. Scrunch your aspect bangs lightly, so that the curls turn out to be extra tighter than the lengthy layers. 
Medium haircuts - Medium hairstyles
Blow dries your hair and you will have wonderful aspect bangs with hair. Medium haircuts for women with bangs can be made by using warm rollers. After your coiffure cools down, cautiously separate the hairs with your fingers. Apply a hair spray on the curls so that they remain on their place. 
Medium haircuts - Medium hairstyles
Medium haircuts with bangs can be straight and full, wispy, or swept to one side. Getting the right look with hairstyles with bangs is all about testing, getting a good hair stylist, using common sense. Different types of bangs are incorporated in hairstyles, one of these is Cleopatra bangs. Not every woman can carry this hairstyle but those who carry look absolutely stunning.

Mori Lee Bridal Collection

Haha, here comes Mori Lee, you must have heard this name before if you are a stylish girl. Woman who knows well about Mori Lee, always want to owe her design gowns, wedding dress, prom dress, evening gown… Why? You can find the answer at the same time you saw her design.

Elegant noble but not make you to be shadow in a corner, on the opposite, Mori Lee gowns perfect show your beauty off all the time. Believe it or not, I grantee that you would fall in love with Mori Lee gowns in the next part: Mori Lee bridal collection photo show.

Nina Ricci Dresses Fashion

Nina Ricci, famous hot fashion designer. You might be familiar with her fragrance; her design dresses are also brilliant and hot welcomed.
Nina Ricci spring fashion T-stage show is a big event for stylish filed. She can always catch the point of beauty, and show it off perfectly. Her design dresses got deep love from a lot of Hollywood super stars, they love to dress Nina Ricci gowns appearing at the red carpet to make the camera focus on them, in fact, Nina Ricci dresses did this all the time, big success!
Why not see how charming Hollywood actresses are in Nina Ricci dresses now?