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My first polynesian

So last night Noah came in and we're almost done reworking his tribal piece. All we have left are the two small triangles on his chest.

 It was interesting to see how differently his skin reacted this time around. We were out late the night before drinking and I could notice the difference in how much he bled and how much harder it was to pack the black in solid. This is why we don't get wasted the night before you get tattooed!

Now everything lines up nicely and is sharp again. I'll post finished pics in a few weeks once this is all healed.

Dustin came in last night and showed me the tiki we did during my last trip. Mike Brown added the poly stuff onto his fingers and the stuff on the top of his hand he had already when we did the tiki. So last night's mission was to connect the two pieces with some polynesian designs, then we're going to fill up the inside of his forearm on a day when we have more time.

First he let me draw on him.

 So this is what we came up with... they came in later on in the evening since Pro Bowl was going on and no one was coming in to get work done.

We continued the poly around his kids' name on the other side of the tiki, and we plan on continuing the patterns around his arm the next time.

 This was challenging and fun at the same time. After doing this for the first time I definitely have a better game plan for the next time. Watching Anna and Mony work for the past 3.5 years helped me figure out how to line it. I am pseudo-happy with this tattoo. Looking at it after the fact there are a few things that I want to/need to do differently.

 First off I definitely plan on using two different pens to sketch on the skin... one for the rough sketch and a darker color for the finalized lines. It's difficult to put a small line over a fat/sketchy line.

This was alot of fun and kudos to Dustin for giving me the chance to practice poly on him. In a week or two we're going to work on his inner forearm and give me another chance to draw on the skin.

I'm working on the floor today, hopefully some walk-ins come in. Keone (with the island tattoo) is coming in at 6 today after my shift to start a huge owl on his outter arm. So stoked! I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done or tmrw.


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