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Slowly as she goes....

So its been a few weeks since I've been on here. I've only been tattooing once a week and since business is slow this time of year I'm working sales to make some money.

This little skull was done on my good friend Parker, we left the skull and teeth open so that we can decide that later. this was super fun to do and challenging as it was on the side of his knee/inner thigh area. SO weird stretching here.
 This walked in a week or so ago, simple lettering. I want to get better at lettering, hook it up with shading and more fun stuff.
 This one came in the same day at the lettering, its outlined in black and colored with a super dark blue that he picked out. It's kind of hard to tell the color difference with his skin tone. This was fun and I'm finally getting the hang of the wrist/arm area.
 Super challenging here. This was the first back of the neck tattoo I have done, and I'm glad Bill was there to help me through it. Once I got the hang of stretching in this area it went by much easier.
 Also a walkin on South Street on Christmas Eve. Of course since Rhianna has one like this, this girl had to have the same thing, because it's so original and everything. This was challenging as well, and difficult to stretch. I want to work here more so I can get better at it.
This was a walkin when I was working at No Ka Oi. This guy was super nice and it was a breeze to do. Sweet dollar sign yo!

 This was done on my good friend/boss Sandy O, who I've worked for since college doing airbrush work. This was her first tattoo and we did it in a mendhi style with only brown ink. Usually we try and shy away from all color-lined work, but for her, i'll do anything she wants. I'll post healed pics of this as soon as I can. Here are a few views. We put her daughters' names in the heart as well.

This is all for now, I have some more pics to post but I can't seem to locate them. I leave for Hawaii in ten days, and hope to get many more tattoos under my belt before I come back to Philly in March.

More to come...

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