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Fast Steps To Create Starbust Rainbow Wallpaper

Hello guys, today i will show you about how to make simple starbust rainbow wallpaper with fast steps :D Many people know about rainbow. It has many color. I like it while i was child. And i had problem to remember its colors. Just short story hehe...

Lets see the tutorial, are you ready :D :
1. First, open your program (i'm using Photoshop CS3), make a new file at File > New or Ctrl + N at your program and set like this :

2. Remove the lock icon at layer by click twice then ok. See the picture :

3. Press G at keyboard to choose gradient tool and at gradient properties click down arrow beside gradient color and follow this instruction.

4. Now, at your workspace, try drag n drop your gradient tool like this and you will see a rainbow color (hold shift to make horizontal line):

5. Go to Filter > Pixelate > Mozaic and set cell size to 20 :

6. Last step, go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates > OK

7. U have finished your design, You can add more effect Filter > Distort > Twirl to see another rainbow :D

Its simple tutorial right :D Try develop your skill with my another tutorial here tx before :D

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