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first sugar skull

so last night this walked in... a woman who lives here wanted the islands on her back in color...

This one was alot of fun because she let me use my judgement to color. She was super nice and eventually wants to add a wave behind the design.

This walked in last night as well.... a young couple each wanting matching sugar skulls with different flowers. I did the smaller one on the girl and Stolfi tattooed the boyfriend. This one was such a challenge and she was a bleeder! I hope to get a better pic of this one day without the spade bleeding out like that. I learned alot from this one, mainly about inks and how to tell the difference between inks that go right into the skin, and inks that don't do so well.... like the blue in the spade. I must have tried packing in that blue at least 3 times before Bill had me change colors. The last blue flew right in... I hope that spot heals up ok... I haven't had too much experience working with alot of color yet so this was fun and a learning experience for me. Everything went well with the linework and the black shading... the color I need to work on.

Overall it was a really good day, and I know how I would like to do this next time.

I'm working on Keone's owl tonight coloring background... more pics to come!

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