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Back to Philly

Heres an update on the stuff I've done since I left Hawaii. I got to work add onto this guy's dragon the day before I left the island. He walked in an hour before I was about to pack up. Talk about good timing! We added a tail and I got to touch up a few areas that were a little light. It's really interesting to see how it healed and what I should improve on.

Yesterday was my first day back in Philly... worked at No Ka Oi and it was super busy!! This was the first walk-in, a really nice woman who originally wanted this in color and then once we finished the outline decided to stick with that. I'm not entirely excited about this one, I felt like my lines could have been a little better and I have to admit that I was super nervous working on the floor there. So intimidating to finally be working with all these amazing artists. I felt like after I finished this one I calmed down a bit. Gotta work on my breathing so my anxiety doesn't get the best of me.

Thanks to my good friend (and our sales girl) Rachel - I was booked all night last night! This tattoo went MUCH better than that last back of the neck I did. Her skin was great and she sat good too.

This girl came in next. She got one on each wrist.

Later on in the night this group of three came in. One girl got this on her wrist.

The second kid wanted this wawa bird on his inner bicep. He also had great skin for this and I felt much more confident with my linework. We varied the line thickness too which he liked.

The last guy of the night and third from the group wanted a Sailor Jerry inspired mermaid sitting on a pot of gold. I drew this up for him and he let me do whatever I wanted.

Im going to meet with Bill today and talk about how I colored this. I should have put more color in the tail.

More to come!

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