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Due to lack of internet at my house I'm resorting to uploading whenever I'm at work and not busy. So here's the weekend recap....

Im just going to post everything that I've done and then do my best to fill in with comments...

 So I was working on 4th Street the other day and got a few walk ins.... this was the first. Also her first tattoo.
 Then this one was sent over from No Ka Oi and this was her first tattoo.
 Then that same week I was working on South Street with Carlos and a few things came in. This was the second of the day. He was super nice and despite the crappy photo Bill and I were happy with it.
 Next these two girls walked in and each of them got a paw print. One of the girls got hers on the hip so we passed that one to Carlos and I did this one.
 Next was a young woman who wanted a star bracelet. She was really nice and we went with just an outline for now. Maybe another time she will come back for color or shading.

 Then on Friday I worked at No Ka Oi. This girl came in who wanted to let me practice on her! We gave her this which is her last name in Arabic, then she gave me some references for a pomogranate plant on her ribs. I'm going to talk it over with Bill and draw out a design so that we can work on that together. I'm noticing that the simple things are getting easier and easier the more I work.
 Next this chick came in. This was a good exercise in color. Very fun to do and she is going to come back to get a matching one on her other ankle.
After that a couple came in and each of them got this on their inner arm.

More to come......!

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