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Slow days on 4th street

So yesterday and today i'm working at our 4th street Body Graphics. Yesterday I got to do one walk-in, a small little high heel. This chick was really nice and we did it small and simple with a little grey shading. The pic isn't the greatest but it'll do for now.

I felt confident doing this one since it was so small, and she liked it too.

Then today I had the lovely Kim from over at Infinite to come by for a small pin up girl so that I can get more practice. I didn't need as much black in this one because it's mostly skin tones but I did put some grey in the shadows and used a tiny bit of black. This tattoo was alot of fun to do. I took my time and didn't rush, and she let me do whatever I want with the shading.

Overall this tattoo went well... her skin was great so I didn't really have any trouble with the linework. As for the shading, I had a little bit of machine trouble and had to switch shaders. I have to get used to the fact that my machine bogs down when I use thick colors. I also got to try out this peach color that a coworker of mine mixed up. Other than the bleeding in the hair area I hope that the blonde in the hair stays, thats when I started having the troubles. After I was finished with this I messed with my shaders again and I think theyre running much better now.

BIG thanks to Kim for donating some skin for me, and I'll be sure to post healed pics as soon as I can.

Hopefully we get more walkins tonight.... we haven't had one all day... probably the rain :(

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