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Sunday funday!

At No Ka Oi yesterday two girls came in and wanted matching ribbons on their wrists. The stick is a drumstick....

Again another exercise in color and got to play around with pinks.

Next this chick came in... a regular customer at our shop. Just this week she got something else on her chest. She was super sweet and put this on the back of her thigh. Definitely a weird area to tattoo, but with all the stretching practice I'm getting without using an armrest it wasn't as bad as I thought.

The last of the day was this one. Just an outline of the NJ state with a banner and a tiny bit of shading on the banner. It was so weird tattooing him mainly because the skin puffed up so fast! I definitely have to get used to working with darker skin. This guy was super nice and it was also his first tattoo.

Then to today... this walked in first of the day. I was really happy about this one because I got more practice with working with solid color.

Next to walk in was this one.... an old name that needed reworking, and she wanted to add a simple design around the name so that it looked like a bracelet. This is what we came up with.... Sorry about the crappy photo... for some reason the pics came out lighter than the design actually is.

Obviously her skin got super puffed up maybe that's why the photo came out so light.... I hope to see her again so I can see how it healed.

Then the bracelet's boyfriend wanted a kanji design from off the wall. He got it on his forearm and we will add stars around it once hes all healed up.

Another walk in.... really simple kanjis. She didn't sit so well but overall I'm happy with how it came out.

The last walkin of the day so far was this on the wrist. She was really nice and we added some color in the bling stars.

I'm off tomorrow, but will post more when I have more to show you!


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