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Walkins today on 4th Street

So today I've done two so far. The first one with the lily and the name was an appointment for my coworker but he couldn't make it in today, so he passed one off to me and another to my other coworker who is here covering for him.

So Bill has been on me about doing a color or grey study of the tattoo I'm about to do before I tattoo it. This time I did just that and it really helped me out. It saved me from any guess work while I was working. I've done it before as well, but only after he mentioned something to me about it. I'm going to make sure I do that before any tattoo that I think needs it. I was really happy with this one and hope to get more flowers like this for practice.

This next one was a walkin, the guy picked it off the wall. Only thing we changed was adding color to the ribbon.

More to come.....

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