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Slow week on South Street

So even though it's been a little slow, I've still been able to get a few walkins here and there, and managed to tattoo my friend Kali!

Here's the recap since my last post....

This was a walkin at No Ka Oi.... tricky to do these spiral-like designs.

Another walkin... this was ok to do... gotta work on my spirals and swirls some more.

This one walked into South Street about a week ago. A good challenge for me working with alot of color. Really had a nice time with this one and learned alot about working with greens.

This one was a walkin as well on South Street. I had some trouble with stretching the A but Im hoping everything heals up good.

 The next two were matching tattoos for sisters. This one was also a challenge. Still need work on my swirls but I think it went over well and I hope to see them again.

 small and simple walkin. Super nice girl too.
This girl came in with the Pi symbol girl. This is an outline of Oregon state with a bird silhouette.

This woman got these two kanjis, super simple to do and went well,. She also had this ribbon on her foot that needed to be gone over again. Here is the before and after...

AFTER. I really enjoy tattooing the feet!

This last one went on my friend Kali who works up the street from the shop. Super nice girl who is also finishing up an apprenticeship for piercing. I let her pierce me for practice, now she's giving me some skin in return! This one was VERY fun to do and she let me do whatever I wanted with color.

Until the next upload...


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