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catching up

 So here's a recap of the past few weeks. Still doing stuff on the arms, legs, back and feet only... no torso as of yet. Hopefully soon I'll get an opportunity to work on those areas, as I am in the process of getting guinea pigs for those spots.

This woman found me through the shop website and got this small token for her dog....
 Did this while working in NJ one day. Really nice dude and he brought the artwork in for me.
 More lettering
 Yet another upside down word :)
 tiny screw on ankle... fun to do and did this while on 4th Street
 This one walked in while on 4th Street... challenging working with all the variations of grey, but overall im pseudo happy with it. I need to work on smoothing out my grey better.
 Another name in NJ
 NJ again on same woman
 Name in brown ink done in NJ

 Another name.... need some more work on line consistency some more.
 Young art school student needed this fixed up....

 AFTER. hopefully she will let me add color to this one in the future.
 Another word done on South Street.... again need to practice more with the wrist... by far my least favorite area to tattoo.
 Treble clef on arm done on South Street
 Paw prints done on South Street.... fun one to do
One of my favorites so far!  This guy came into 4th Street one day and while his daughter was getting tattooed by one of the other artists we discussed this one. This ended up  being much larger than originally planned, but Im pretty happy with how it came out, for the exception of the grey shading in the flag. He's going to come in when it's healed so I can touch up some areas and see how it all healed up. I hope he continues this all the way around.. such a fun one to do and it's always nice to be able to add a little bit of artistic license as well.

 This woman came into South Street the other day... she had this name already and we added the care bear with stars and dust.
 finished. I think I could have done more with the shading but it was a good experience to do a stencil and draw on the skin a bit. Finally getting the hang of full color work.

 Another walkin on South Street.... this one was fun to do... Its not often that I get to do a nice size butterfly.
 Just finished this outline about an hour or so ago on a friend of the shop, Lucien. He let me do whatever I wanted and have been obsessed with drawing rats again, so here we are, a spin off the sailor jerry flash with the rat sitting on the skull, done in my style. I always wanted to do a tattoo with a monacle in it, so it was alot of fun. I got to experience with different line weights again and took my time with the outline. Next time he comes back to town we'll add some shading and eventually color.

Until next time.....

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