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I Love My City-Nanjing

I live in Nanjing, China. This city is so beautiful and amazing! If u get a chance, u must have to come here!

Nanjing is my hometown! I was born here, grew up here, study here, work here... and may be have a romantic wedding here, wear my dream wedding dress, walking though the old classical street, That is so fantastic!!
I can not help thinking about that.

May be some of u have heard Nanjing, may be few of u had already come here. But i guess most of u do not.

Haha, here i share the most famous travel places with my dear friends. Hope u like them.

This is zhongshanling, the place zhongshan sun lived. And he is buried here!

This is the most famous place in Nanjing, but it is still have a lot of wonderful places to travel.

May be we should enjoy next time or may be u want to travel to Nanjing.

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