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playing some serious catch up

on the shoulder, done in nj
lettering done in nj.... i like how this turned out however i wasn't too stoked on the design. i would have drawn it differently but it wasn't for me...

my very first nautical star.
done on the same guy. used a friend's new red he mixed and i love it!
on the wrist
done in nj... really scary area to tattoo still. i took it slow and it went ok, but still a very hard area to work for me
done at no ka oi, he came in with the design
done on friday the 13 on south street
Done on south street. my very first dripping cherries that happen to be on fire!

bling bling done on south street

 touch up of the shamrock I did a month or so ago. He had a rough heal and it looked like some of the scabs may have been picked or ripped off.... so hopefully this time around it will heal better for him.
 done at No Ka Oi. crappy photo though. it's really not lopsided... next time i'll have him stand up for the photo so it looks straight.
 done at No Ka Oi
 same day
 same day also, used my handwriting which was kinda cool
last tattoo of the day at No ka Oi. Super nice woman and got the tattoo for her son.... the elephant was cute and fun to do as well. used my new rotary machine and really enjoying it so far.

Finally ordered business cards today. Haven't had my own cards since college. Baby steps!

Until next time!

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