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Do not make jokes when you eat Chinese food

I heard something interesting a long time ago, when i eat our traditional food.

The most impressive one is when foreign friends are invited to a Chinese family to have a dinner.

The first time they are always surprised that Chinese friends prepared a lot of delicious Chinese food for them. We called "Hospitality". It is a good thing.

Many Foreign friends like to eat Chinese food, they think vegetables are very delicious.  But they do not know when have Chinese food, you also need have rice. So they are not full at first.

Whatever, this was a long time thing. I believe my dear friends do know that now.

But i saw another thing at the, we just spent our Dragon Boat Festival, every year we eat Zongzi, called glutinous rice dumpling in English, which is very delicious.But some foreigners in China eat it directly, it is not right!!!

The green leaves outside can not be eaten.We should notice that, if you have a chance to eat Chinese Zongzi.

Do not make jokes! If you do not know how to do next time, just see how others do before, then you will be right!

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