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Everyday a new challenge

 So this is me playing super catch up, as well as filling you in on how things have been going with me. These past few weeks by far have been my most frustrating in the whole almost 4 years I have been apprenticing.

I don't know what my problem is, but for some reason I can't stop worrying and stressing out. I seem to always been frustrated about money and how I'm working my ass off and still can't seem to get ahead. I've become somewhat of a hermit and don't go out much at all anymore. Whatever happened to the social Tina? My good moods have gone out the window and I need to get it back and quick! It's starting to affect my morale at the shop and I'm moody all the time. I was working out in my garden a few mornings ago and I realized something..... why in the HELL am I so stressed all the time? I've spent the last almost 4 years of my life, well actually 5 if you count my previous apprenticeship, working towards this goal. What the hell do I have to complain about? I'm finally tattooing, the one thing that I've wanted to do for years. I love going to work and I love my coworkers and everyday is a new challenge both mentally and technically and physically. I had a super meltdown with my mentor the other day and I think that my way of unloading needs to change. I shouldn't freak out like I did, however it made me feel better to know that I can be vulnerable and not feel bad or worried about it. This method of unloading has leaked into my personal life as well.... something has to give.

Gardening has helped me with the stress, and am working harder to get out more and socialize and meet people, and to make more efforts in certain areas, and not expect other people to do things for me.

And now to the tattoos.....

I worked on South Street yesterday... kind of a slow day, but this walked in and was excited for the challenge. I rarely get to do something so technical and this tattoo in particular helped me SLOW down.

 Done at No Ka Oi friday... My coworker has some people in town so they decided to get little liberty bells to remember their trip. They're relatively small and they each got it on the same spot on their ankle. They were in town for bike polo which seems pretty fun. Maybe next time i'll be able to catch a match!
 This was done on a friend Simon who I was introduced to a few months ago, and then he came to me to do a version of a painting he had. I was really excited to do this one not only because it's kinda big, but I really want to put more traditional style stuff to build my portfolio and it was alot of fun to do. Kudos to Simon! I hope to do more on him soon!

 Wednesday night I was working on South Street and after we closed up my friend/coworker Jason stopped in to finally get his cupcake! I drew this up months ago and we just haven't had the chance to do this. Overall I'm pretty happy with this one, however I'm not too happy with the shading in the cherry part, I'm hoping it heals lighter than that so I can go back into it with a little more color.
 Lettering on an ankle done on South St
 South St again... this one was a challenge too. All those tiny points all have to be perfect.
 More done on South St. This was the day of lettering I think.
 This came in NJ last week. Also a challenge. I still have to perfect my linework, especially in an area like this. The swirls aren't as perfect as they should be, but she will be back in so I can take a look at it and touch up a few spots. She's also getting another one on her other foot with lettering complementing the design of this one so it will look like a set.

Im interested to see how light the drop shadow heals.
 This came in the same day as the foot over in NJ. This was also a challenge and had a fun time with the little feets. I should have gone a bit darker with these, but I hope to see them healed so I can get a better idea.
 Name done in NJ
 That same day in nj a group of three women came in, each of them got a version of this.
 in NJ again... hard area to work but was a good challenge.
 Done on South street a week or so ago, this girl came in with an image on her phone so we need a nicer version of that...
 Mini cupcake done on 4th St... one of my lines wasn't super straight but it was a fun little tattoo to do and was a bit of a warm up for Jason's cupcake.
 Done on 4th Street as well. I got to try out my friend Bobby's new bright pink he mixed up.... came out super bright and awesome I love it!
 Name on the arm done on 4th St as well.
 4th st again, she let me draw up her man's name all fancy like with color.
 done on 4th St as well, fun little one to do
 4th St.

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