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one challenge at a time

 Remember this one? I did this in NJ a month ago and he stopped back in the other day to have a few lines added to it and to thicken up the swirls.

AFTER - really like this one now. really weird tattoo to do because of the area but happy with it.

I was working over on 4th street last week and this girl came in. I met her and her friend the day before when I was working sales at No Ka Oi. This was her first tattoo and she did so well! She brought this image to me and we basically kept it the same for the exception of the light in the lampost... we added a little bit of shading and white highlights to make it look like it was lit up. Her friend is going to come in to get the same thing sometime soon.

Just for fun... of course her friend had to snap a photo of it happening. They were really nice, hope to see them again.

Was working in NJ on Saturday and this was the only thing I did all weekend. It's been very slow at the shops lately. Probably with July 4th weekend upon us everyone is heading to the shore and away from the tattoo shops.

This was also the dude's first tattoo, it went smoothly for the bottom half of the letters, the top half I was really sweating it out over stretching the skin right in the armpit there. After this one I have a better idea of how to get up in that area.

Last week on South Street Tony came in for some more work on his thigh. Super excited about this one. We only got to the ship, but as big as it is I worked on it for about 2.5-3 hrs. Can't wait to get a healed photo of this and work on the background.

so I worked at No Ka Oi yesterday and this was the only walk in. This guy was really nice and this tattoo was really challenging. If I could redo this one I would have approached it differently. He wants to extend the bars up to his elbow the next time and add something else to it so when I get a good look at it all healed up we will take it from there.

More to come.

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