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The Vampire Diaries

I am a American TV shows fan. I love a lot of American TV shows.The most one is the Criminal Minds,Supernatural,The Mentalist,CSI,Medium,Lie to Me...and so on.

I am crazy for them. I have followed them for a very long time.

Recently, i started to watch The Vampire Diaries, almost my all friends are following it. I have already watched the season two.

Something i have to say:

Ok, I love Stefan, he is so handsome. I am very happy he and Elena can be lovers, Elena is so beautiful.

But at the season Two, i start hate Elena, for nothing else, just because she seems start to fall in love with Damon, yeah, Damon is so sexy and have a strong sense of humor, but i always remember the words Elena said to Damon that "No, Damon, i like you, but i love Stefan, it is always only Stefan"(may be not the exact what she said, but the similar meaning) , OK, then what happened at last, she not do what she said, she also loves Damon, OMG, i just can not accept that!!

Why people just can not do as they say, you can not love two person at the same time, OK? Despite they are brothers or not.

Damon is very funny, but he is bad, why he always love the girl his brother loves, does there have no any other girls in the world?

Poor Stefan, he saved Damon's life based on his ten years life killing people, drinking blood, he left with the big devil, then the next, his best lover falls in love with his brother, may be not just kissing any more.

Two brothers share the same girl? What is the hell thing?!!!

PS: All I said above just against to the actors roles, I love them all in the true world.

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