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Chinese Styles Wedding Dresses - Cheongsam

For Chinese weddings, as in any other country, customs and traditions are followed. Traditionally in China, wedding is not about the bride but the groom. To his family, who hosted the ceremony when the bride is part of her family? Today it is common for the bride and groom host the wedding and they become part of each other family member.

Some customs are still being held in China, such as arranged wedding. After the bride has chosen for the groom, they will be married on the auspicious day of the lunar calendar.

Must be maintained in all other traditions, it is not surprising that the dresses worn by Chinese brides are also part of the tradition. Depending on where in China to determine a dress the bride will wear them. Bridal wear in northern China is one piece dress with silver and gold embroidered named Qi Pao, Cheongsam. While the bride wears two piece dress in southern China Cheongsam, symbolizes the golden phoenix and dragon embroidered men and women.

But what to do with the wedding section of Chinese lucky color - red. In Chinese culture, it is believed to keep evil away.

If you are looking for a traditional Chinese wedding dress, you can travel to China to find it. If not, you can shop online from retailers business. Cheongsam or southern style has definitely become very popular in the western world, so maybe you can find a white wedding dress in the draft. One red pack and a bouquet of red peonies can give you the opportunity to add a special day.

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