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Jessica Mcclintock Wedding Dresses 2011

2011 Wedding Dresses from Jessica Mcclintock are amazing as usual! Do not need the decorations of luxurious accessories, it is indeed brilliant!
One Shoulder Chiffon Column Wedding Dresses
No doubt, Jessica Mcclintock brought a stylish wedding dresses show for us this year. We are so lucky to enjoy this!

Since the wedding dresses trend elements are lace, simple style, one shoulder type and floral, Jessica Mcclintock made full use of these elements on bridal dresses design.

Look at these wedding dresses; they are just the real reflection of the popular fashion elements of wedding dresses! Right?

2011 Latest Stylish Bridal Hairstyle

Most brides pay more attention on their wedding dresses which is definitely the most important thing for the wedding. But meantime, the bridal hairstyle is worth to be noticed.

I collect 2011 latest stylish bridal hairstyle for brides-to-be. You can get new ideas from them. Make everything perfect at the wedding, wedding dress match with beautiful wedding veil, fashionable yet suitable hairstyle, letting the whole image shape amazing!

2011 Latest Stylish Bridal Hairstyle

End of August

 Walkin at No Ka Oi two weeks ago... Very difficult, sweat my ass off the entire time.... damn circles!!!

 This one was from a DVD that a friend of a friend brought in. I met this guy at a company part a week or two before tattooing him. Hes a local actor with a good sense of humor... who wanted his first tattoo. It was an image he really liked so we modified it so the wings would fit his arm better. The original design had the wings spread out on either side, which would have made this look more like an arm band... not really the best idea.
This was a walkin in NJ... it's been sort of slow over there.. and the weather hasn't been too great either. I guess you could say it has been a strange two weeks. I'll comment more on this on another post. Small symbol, getting more confident in doing the tiny stuff... took long enough!
 This was a walkin yesterday at No Ka Oi. I was stoked to get to work yesterday considering I was already off Thurs and Fri... THEN the hurricane came and messed up the weekend so most of us didn't work at all, THEN I was schedule off Mon and today... so thankfully a friend let me take her shift so I can regroup and get back to work. I feel at home at the shops and although I love my house, I'd rather be tattooing... all the time.
The tattoo was his first.. a young guy who was an English major and this was from his favorite author.

Another walkin yesterday,

Popular design... done in brown instead of black. Although I warned her about the aging process for color tattoos... she still wanted it. I actually like these kinds of tattoos... the idea that it will fade and look old and worn over time is kind of a cool concept to me. Anyway I was happy with this one and I asked her to come back when it's healed so I can get a picture of how it looks aged for that henna-inspired look.

 This one was a really cool walkin. this is a poem, written exactly like this. She let me do my thing for the left however the lettering had to be done a certain way. Had alot of fun with shading and texture and just sort of experimented alot with it. I was really happy with how pleased she was and I want to see the leaf healed... I went a little on the lighter side for this, I want to play more with non-outlines with black and grey.
 This was the first walkin of the day, and by the first I mean literally she was outside ready to get tattooed. This is being of top of things! When people call our shop asking about walkins, we always tell them "we always take walkins, but on a first-come, first-serve basis, so its best to come early" good thing she did because right after she came in and we had about a half hour to chill, it was busy from then on!

This chick was really cool, she had some reference with her, wanted an all black stem the went across her foot. Other than that she let me do my thing.
 Took my time with this one... I think I would like to do different dro pshadows the next time I get to do something like this, but overall I was happy with it and so was she. I actually enjoy tattooing feet. Especially stuff like this that sort of flows with the area.

I want to write more... will later. Food time

Women’s Fashion - Nina Ricci Perfume

Nina Ricci is a very famous brand in women’s fashion, especially its perfume. Nina Ricci's most famous perfume, L'Air du Temps, which means "Air of Time".

Nina Ricci Perfume
Women who love perfume must know very well about Nina Ricci. Nina Ricci other classical perfumes includes "Farouche", "Capricci", "Fleur de Fleurs" and "Eau de Fleurs" and so on.

We all know each perfume has their owe style bottle, Nina Ricci’s perfume designed very unique and stylish bottle for its each perfume, these different bottles also is one of the reason why women are crazy for the perfume. They are full of art sense!

Yigal Azrouël Dresses

Yigal Azrouël is famous fashion dresses designer in New York. He is French actually, lives in the USA, now.

Yigal Azrouël Dresses are totally hot, and can not hotter more! Very very stylish style and creative design ideas make this brand dress quickly widespread around the world.

Yigal Azrouël Dresses
Girls, super actresses, singers, almost all big stars love his brand dresses! They just can not stop it! Yigal Azrouël dresses fashion show, every year, can be said as one of the most expected show. The night of his show is a quiet amazing night. People who see its show at the scene or at TV are excited about what he bright to us! That is really brilliant! Enjoy some of his designer T-stage dresses together, below:

Philippe Audibert Bracelet

Many girls love to use bracelet as an accessory which can match with their dresses very well. Yeah, that is definitely a truth! Bracelet is playing a good role in collocation all the time. Today, I introduce a famous bracelet brand, Philippe Audibert, to my friends.

Philippe Audibert bracelet may be said as a luxury brand. The costs are not low!Some of the bracelets from Philippe Audibert are even made of real gold. You can image how expensive it will be! But this does not affect our love for her, because they are totally brilliant.

Philippe Audibert Bracelet

Philippe Audibert Bracelet

See? With the design flowing line, bracelet seems been given life. Woman wearing it can immediately improve her temperament, charming and luxurious enough!

If you love Philippe Audibert bracelets, but not have enough money for it, do not worry about that. You can visit their official online site; it will do some promotion sometimes. You can afford at least one of them by spending less than normal.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry – Necklace

Speaking of Crystal, the first brand comes into your minds may be the Swarovski, which is the most famous crystal fashion leader now.

Swarovski Crystal Jewelry set
Swarovski Crystal Jewelry is widely popular among customers range from all ages. If you love a girl, it is a good idea for you to choose Swarovski Crystal necklace or earrings as gift to say love to her! I am sure she will be very happy about that! In my opinion, girl always loves Swarovski Crystals!

Now, the trend is more and more people select Swarovski Crystals as gifts to send to his friends or family or anyone he loves. It can not be a wrong choice anyhow.

These Swarovski Crystal necklaces above, which one you love? I guess this may be a hard selection for you because all of them are so shining and amazing enough! Get yours or consider one to use as gift to your friends.

Isabel Marant Dresses

Isabel Marant, famous designer of dresses, sneakers, any stylish fashions! She was born in France, romantic city! She is famous not only in her hometown, but also the whole global. Dresses designed by her are hot welcomed by girls and women!

Isabel Marant Dresses

She won “Award of fashion” for the best designer due to her unique design style. Isabel Marant Dresses show every year is a highlighting spot for the fashion area!

Isabel Marant Dresses for OL are my favorite! It stands for the office lady walking front of the fashion. And women who wear her dresses just become so charming and have more self-confidence. It is the key people lover Isabel Marant design, not just stylish is enough!