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circles for DAYS

 Quiet day today at the Portside studio. Not too much walkin traffic, so i figured i'd update this. It's been slow all over the place.... BUT its always best to stay positive!

This was my first (and only) tattoo today so far. Concentric circles upon more circles! This was definitely a real challenge, however I took my time and although there are tiny flaws in it, I'm happy with how it came out and so was she! This was her first tattoo as well.
 I finally got to outline Simon's tiger yesterday. Since both of us had plans for the evening we just did the linework for now. The photo is a bit bright, but you can still see it ok. I'm really happy with this one and can't wait to color it in!

I will post more when we work on this again.

 Done in NJ this past week. Really stoked on doing another cross.. I haven't done too many so every little bit of experience helps. This was also his first tattoo.
 Another walkin in NJ.... he brought this in. I had some trouble stretching this area... still need some work with that.

The phoenix was another walkin on 4th street. This chick was really sweet and really open to ideas. She originally came in wanting a portrait of her cat, however the image she had wasn't of the greatest quality, so we went through her list of other tattoos she wanted and came up with this. She was really great to talk to and I had a good time tattooing her! Such a good experience when your client/customer has a good attitude!
Walkin at the end of the night. She chose this lettering from our book.

Until next time.......

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