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 So August has been a slow month, and although it should stress me out, it's not. Any tattoo that comes in I try to take if its not on an area that I can't do yet... anything helps. I still need to print out more images for my portfolio so I aim to get that done this week. I'm not so much stressing about work because I love what I do, but moreso about money. I'm in the process of looking for part-time work freelancing and stuff so that I can take care of my bills and catch up, but it seems that no matter how hard I work I can't seem to get ahead. Hopefully soon.

Anyway I worked at No Ka Oi the other night, got this walkin and some lettering. This was done at the end of the night, He was wearing these boots too! He was a fun dude and this was his first one. It was a good opportunity for me to practice shading and realism a bit... Still needs to be smoothed out a bit in some spots, but I had alot of fun with it.

The next one was this lettering on the wrist. this was also her first.

This was the first walkin of the day at No Ka Oi. It was a little sketch this girl drew. The lettering means "meow" in Japanese. Super cute considering how much I love cats.

This came in last week while I was on 4th street. He had the outline, it needed to be cleaned up a bit and wanted it colored in. He wanted only yellow and green so I did a play on those...


AFTER - we made the sketch deck more visible in the bomb and fixed up the wings a bit.

 So earlier that day this girl came in with a storybook and wanted a scene from the book on her upper arm... really fun image and she wanted it in back and grey. I am stoked to work on this one. I worked on her for 3-3.5 hrs taking my time and starting this. I still need to smooth out some things, but overall I'm happy with it so far. The background is going to be very dark, so once that's in there the house will stand out more, since the house is very light. I'm excited to have this one in my portfolio when its all finished. She was really receptive to my story and the fact that I'm still new. I hope to see her back in a few weeks. Heres what I did so far....

The background still needs to be put in, as well as shading in the house itself.... really can't wait to see it with the evil creature and the moon with shadows.


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