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So I've been thinking about what I've been posting on here, and I am contemplating omitting all the tiny stuff like this that I have been doing. Since it's a bit slow and I haven't been doing too much big stuff, I figure that in order for me to feel like I'm doing alot, maybe I should post everything still. Until then I guess I'll stick with the current program.

Kanji done on South St.
Same one on her husband
nautical star
This one was a fun one! A walk in while I was working at No Ka Oi this weekend. This was his first tattoo and wanted his birth date all fancy-like on his back. This is what we came up with. I worked on him for a while and am happy with this. Looking at it now I would change a few small things about the border around the letters, but overall I took my time and played around with the drippy-drips on the outside of the letters. I want to get more stuff like this to do!!!! Never a shortage of lettering requests walking through the door everyday.
Another first-timer at No Ka Oi. A portuguese phrase around his calf. This is the first portion of it.
The other side.
A cute one on a dance choreographer. Clever and I liked the font she chose.
Names for dayyyys

This was a walk-in while I was working at the NJ shop. Really nice guy, I ended up tattooing him and his wife, her tattoo is further towards the bottom. This was a spin off of his family crest with dates and other symbols in there that he wanted. I spend alot of time on this one as well, mainly focusing on getting the grey to look smooth... still need some work but this was a fun challenge.
Pilsbury doughboy bad ass!!! this is on a baker.
flash from the wall - walk in at the 4th Street shop

This was another walkin at 4th.... simple design she brought in.

The last one was another walkin, kinda cool idea with these numbers representing birthdays.. I liked the font she chose too. I've been pretty lucky that everyone I've tattooed lately has been awesome and fun to talk to while I work.

More to come

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