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German Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses for German brides are not much unique, just more are simple styles,because German wedding are not too complex, they prefer simple!

Wedding in German, new couples just invite people they are close to, such as their family and close friends. Wedding place is small but very sweet and warm. Bride wear simple style wedding dress appearing at the wedding,beautiful and moving.

If you are a bride who are going to have your wedding in German,these wedding dresses below may help you!
These designer wedding dresses from:

Kali's Skull

 So I know it's been a minute since I've updated, so here goes. Business has been slowing down (as per this season) so I've been doing what I can to get my friends in the shop to do some portfolio pieces, and working on artwork. For some reason I've been in some sort of block lately... haven't been inspired to paint until just recently.

On a good note, Kali came in yesterday to finish her skull! Very excited about this one. I still want to go back into the skull and smooth it out some more... still need to work on that. When I get a touchup session in with her I will also take really good pics... I want this one in my book! She's a trooper for letting me so done fun stuff on her... Kudos to Kali!

 This was a cool walkin while I was working at No Ka Oi this past saturday... she got this image from a children's book cover, where there's a figure flying in the sky being followed by a canadian goose. We sort of hodge-podged this together, just added the goose and figure. Hope to see her back for more background and such....

 Cross done in nj... again still need to work on my shading. Linework is getting easier by the day, however shading will take some time to master... Looks like I need to tune my machines as well!
 Small bird
 Lettering and zodiac symbol
 Another walkin in NJ... he brought in this symbol that he wanted in the middle of the sun... After some revisions we found something that he was happy with, and here we are.

Back of the neck- always a challenge! this was a mother/daughter bonding tattoo, they each got the same thing, same place.

Until next time.... I will have more smooth shading! practice practice practice! I still can't believe a year has passed already!

Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011 collection

Except very beautiful wedding dresses, what is the most necessary thing you should prepare one or two pairs? Bridal shoes!
Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011 are the lucky products for brides-to-be! With very fashion design and high quality fabric, it occupies a lot of market when it appeared this year!

Stylish enough, brides can not help waiting to try. As we all know, we should prepare at least two pairs of shoes for the wedding! Just take a look at Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011.
Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011 collection

Fall Wedding Dresses

It is close to October, a very suitable season for wedding!
It is neither hot or cold, very cool! Brides who are going to hold your wedding at this season are brilliant girls!

I recommend some wedding dresses for fall to you, you may get some ideas from them!

First, Vera Wang wedding gowns 2011 fall season

Second, Melissa Sweet fall wedding dresses

Three, La Sposa wedding gowns for fall 2011

Other famous brand:
christos fall 2011 wedding dresses
Nicole Miller wedding dresses
Which one suits you?

Pure White Wedding Cakes

In addition to bridal wedding dresses, wedding shoes, and wedding invitations, what else can get some focus on it? The answer is wedding cakes. Nice food, good mood, and everything is perfect!

Now, many different kinds of wedding cakes are provided at the market. Brides can order the one you love, and decide the color, size, and something else. You can consider cup cakes which have been very popular in these years!

I recommend white color cakes, which are so pure and clean, give a fresh and calm mood.

Fall Themed Wedding Ideas

Brides note the Fall is coming now! Wedding ceremony held in Fall is really romantic and cool, not hot like Summer, not cold as Winter, it can be said as the best season for wedding!
God gives you this good season, what else you should do, if you want to have an impressive wedding for your family and your guests? Here, I offer some tips for brides-to-be, hope these would be useful!

First, wedding themed color
Gold is a symbol of Fall, if you choose this color, you will be never wrong! Mixed your wedding with the natural color, which is truly romantic and fantastic!
Second, wedding place
I suggest the forest!! Can you come up with any other places that are closer to the Fall? I guess no!
Hold your wedding in the forest, how exciting it will be! Just like the fairy tale of Snow White Princess, you are a princess at this fall season!
Duchesse-Linie Herz-Ausschnitt Schnürung Kapelle-Schleppe Tülle Brautkleid
Nue Heißer Verkauf Billig Chiffon Brautkleid Sexy V-Ausschnitt Empire Schlank Etui-Linie Pinsel-Schleppe
Three, wedding dress
Choose a pure white wedding dress, may be ball gown style, which has more princess style; or just a simple style gown with some flowers elements, that will be Ok!

Wedding cakes, wedding desserts or wedding flowers, all of these can be designed according to the wedding themed color. But remember, make sure food is delicious and flowers are fresh and good smelling.

David’s Bridal Collection

Talking about wedding dresses online store, I guess the name of David's Bridal is the first one coming up into your mind! Yeah, actually, it has been the most welcomed online shop for brides these years!

It offers all different kinds of wedding gowns, the ones they design by their own designer, and also have the world famous wedding dresses designer arts, such as Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and so on!
David’s Bridal Collection

The wedding gowns from David’s Bridal are not too expensive as you think, they are different price levels! Brides who prefer design and famous wedding dresses or well known stores can select your wedding gown from David’s Bridal!

Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaid Dresses

We all know Monique Lhuillier has been the hottest wedding dresses designer these years! We can see her wedding dresses, or evening gowns worn by famous or popular super stars at some ceremony. But one thing we may ignore is that her designer bridesmaid dresses, which are also welcomed products for maid of honors.

Image that the bride dressed in a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress is companied by a group of bridesmaids wearing Monique Lhuillier bridesmaid dresses, how beautiful and stylish partners they will be!
Bridesmaids, let us enjoy the charming of the Monique Lhuillier bridesmaid dresses together. May be you will select one for the wedding!
Monique Lhuillier Bridesmaid Dresses

End of the first year

 I just want to start off by saying that today is the one year anniversary of me starting to tattoo! I tattooed my first "client" out in Hawaii last year on this day. Kinda weird that it went by as fast as it did.... I'm very happy to be finally doing what I've worked so hard for, and I plan on doing this for the rest of my life.

So in honor of this, I figured the first image should be this cupcake I started last night on a friend. She just turned 21 (in case you can't read) haha so I gave her this as a bday gift. It went in her inner arm and we unfortunately didn't get to finish it, which is ok... I want to see how it heals up and make any adjustments to the color once it's healed, and add some more detail to the sprinkles. Tried my hand at some realism, hopefully i'll get more opportunities like this one. Kudos to Lauren! I'll post better pics once it's done.

 This was an interesting one. She walked in, this was her first tattoo (if I remember correctly) She brought in this image which was pretty straight-forward. I set up for her and she also had a weird request... she wanted a little smiley face on her toe. I wasn't sure why until she took off her sock and there it was! two little toenails! kinda weird n all, but after seeing the nails like that, they make two little eyes and the smile completed the picture. Such a fun lil tattoo, even though it probably won't stay.
 Got to add onto the eyeball tattoo this week. He wanted to do some polynesian type stuff around it with some color. I haven't done much of this style, so I thought it would be a good time to try it out and start with two segments. I did some sketches, let him choose what he liked, then went to draw on him. This is the sketch phase.......
 After finishing the linework and shading I'm overall happy with it, however after getting some feedback I think I would like to thicken up some of the lines in the upper portion, but we will see how it heals. I would like to sit down with my friends who are good at tattooing this type of stuff and get their opinion on how they would approach this when I go to add on.... will keep you posted on this.

The lettering walked into NJ... his first tattoo. Super nice guy. Hope to see him back for more work.

This one made my slow Monday!!! My good friend Parker let me do this on him! Boxing cock! We didn't get to finish it as it's in a very sensitive area and it was getting late. Very fun tattoo and it was inspired by this Adam Shields flash we have here at the shop. I really like how he does his eagles/birds and so did Parker, so we used that for reference (mainly the face) and then redrew the rest. I will post more when we get to finish this! So excited! Thanks Parker!!!!  

Until the next post...... don't let the rain get ya down!