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busy week!

The hurricane may have scared people away over the weekend, but they all seemed to come in this week... which is a good thing!

I got to see my friend Simon on Friday... got to work on the tiger I started about a month ago... the pics aren't the greatest but they're good for now until it's healed and I can get better pics. Took my time on this one... had alot of fun with the colors and shading and really stoked to get this one in my portfolio. Kudos to Simon!!!

After the Tiger this walked in! I hadn't done a hanya yet so what a perfect night to do one! got to play around more with these new red inks Bobby mixed... really pleased with them!
This came in earlier on in the day.... much easier tattooing this area second time around... the first time i tattooed this area was when I first got back from hawaii, and really struggled with it. after some time staying away from this area and working in other places, I felt more comfortable trying it again.
Cute lettering walk in earlier in the day.

This was another fun one! My roommate has been talking about strawberry/skullberries on her foot, so we decided to stay late one night and get it started! Can't wait to color this one in. Like I said before I really enjoy tattooing feet for some reason, and want to get better at them... not the greatest photos, but for now theyll do.

This koi walked into NJ earlier last week, he only wanted an outline for now since that was more in his budget for that day... He picked an awesome one from our Mosher reference file so I used that... I could have done the scales more perfect... the tail isn't the best.

This walked in the same day in NJ... he only wanted half of it colored which I thought was a little strange, however it's going on him so what he says goes.... I hope to see him again for the other half... got to work on my greywash and stone texture which was fun. I want to get more work like this....

Yesterday I worked at the portside shop and got two walkins... both tattoos went on the same guy! He came in earlier for the ambigram thing on his arm, then came back hours later for another one... score! Has some more fun with stone lettering on his leg and got to practice with the ambigram, never done one before.

 Until next time.....

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