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Fall Themed Wedding Ideas

Brides note the Fall is coming now! Wedding ceremony held in Fall is really romantic and cool, not hot like Summer, not cold as Winter, it can be said as the best season for wedding!
God gives you this good season, what else you should do, if you want to have an impressive wedding for your family and your guests? Here, I offer some tips for brides-to-be, hope these would be useful!

First, wedding themed color
Gold is a symbol of Fall, if you choose this color, you will be never wrong! Mixed your wedding with the natural color, which is truly romantic and fantastic!
Second, wedding place
I suggest the forest!! Can you come up with any other places that are closer to the Fall? I guess no!
Hold your wedding in the forest, how exciting it will be! Just like the fairy tale of Snow White Princess, you are a princess at this fall season!
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Three, wedding dress
Choose a pure white wedding dress, may be ball gown style, which has more princess style; or just a simple style gown with some flowers elements, that will be Ok!

Wedding cakes, wedding desserts or wedding flowers, all of these can be designed according to the wedding themed color. But remember, make sure food is delicious and flowers are fresh and good smelling.

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