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Rant n Rave

So I know lately I've only been posting the tattoos Ive been doing, not so much going into detail like I did when I first started this blog. I've been in the mood to write lately, but when I go to do that I end up clamming up and just listed the tattoos I did and call it a day, until now.

I have to say that this year I have changed alot, both mentally and physically. More than I thought actually. I've been doing alot of thinking, and reflecting on the long road that I have been on for so many years. It took me the entire 5 YEARS total that I have been apprenticing (including the shop I worked at before coming to work with Body Graphics) to realize that putting in your time really pays off. This is the main reason behind why I chose to take this long road with a very long apprenticeship. The thing that really interested me in tattooing wasn't just the artwork, it was the tradition being passed on from one person to another. It's definitely inspiring to finally feel like I am a part of it. Not just a player in the game. History history! So much has been lost especially being younger and coming into the tattoo community this late in the game. Anyone can just pick up a machine and start, but actually learning a piece of history is way more rewarding.

This year has forced me to be more self-reliant than I have ever been, work harder, live my life for me and not for anyone else. I guess it takes a horrible break-up and living away from home for a few months for stuff to sink in. I have been feeling like myself again, but not the "self" that I was a year ago... if that makes any sense at all. I feel like an equal at work, not at the bottom of the totem pole anymore, which makes me even more stoked to go to work now. I have more motivation now than I think I ever did, energy and a love for life. I've been working out, lost 15 lbs, started sketching ALOT more...feeling confident and not stressing over money money money. I want to go out and do things now, meet new people and enjoy my life....  I feel like most of college up until now I have been spending alot of time working my ass off (which is who I am) and not really enjoying life to the fullest. I worry constantly and focus on the small things instead of the big picture. Sometimes people can't see past the end of their nose.. I guess that was me for a while. Now I am proud to say that all the worrying, stressing, and anger stops today. I think all that has contributed to the fact that I haven't painted anything since I was in Hawaii. Well, I've done two paintings, but nothing noteworthy. This the longest I have gone without painting anything, and that's not good. I've recently been drawing a ton... trying to find my niche in the tattoo world, find a style that I like but at the same time get to experiment and try new things and be able to put in a clean tattoo that will stand the test of time. Of course all of that will come with time.... I have been thinking about my future more as well. Where do I want to be in 5, 10 years? I'm 27, and just started tattooing a little over a year now... what will 30 bring? 40? Do I want to still be in Philly?  Will I be able to support myself on my own, start paying my student loans??  It's such a shame that so many people my age still have to live at home or with roommates, including myself. Fucking money is the devil. Then there's the question do I want a family, or give that up to travel for a few years? All these questions seem to be coming to the forefront and I guess I'm finally "grown up" enough to deal with them, not necessarily answer them just yet. It's all about moving forward, and take the next step.

On a side note.....It's frustrating to see some people I know and have known just half-ass everything. Nothing you get in life is for free. Hard work = reward.....always. I guess I was just brought up that way. I think this is the reason why I have "lost" some friends over the years... whether it be to them moving on with their lives, starting families, moving away, etc.

I guess you can call this a rant, or bitching, or whatever.

So now, onto some tattoos....

My first attempt at a skin cut.. really stoked on doing this one considering Halloween is right around the corner. I think I'm going to do some studies with this concept, this guy brought in a photo of exactly what he wanted, but we added some more detail in it since it was bigger. This time last year I did the hatchet tattoo as a Halloween Special. I can't wait to see this one healed. I'll be seeing him again soon, while I was tattooing him his wife decided to get one as well and we scheduled an appointment.

Small walkin... nothing too small, always a challenge.

 This is a client of both me and my coworker ... he hit me up to do some lettering on him, bigger than I usually work, but he agreed to let me do it in two sessions... I liked doing this, really getting into lettering however still need to clean up the lettering on life.... we're going to add some red in there too to go with the tattoo nearby that has the same color scheme.

 This one was an awesome walkin! My coworker was booked up, so its either do it, or send him out the door. This is the biggest walkin I have done so far, and with some sketching and chatting with others to get their opinion I felt confident to start this one. Since he had limited time we did what we could and I'm going to see him in two weeks. Really stoked to color it as well, I want this in my portfolio as soon as possible!

 small walkin, her first birthday tattoo.
 Birthday girl's friend
I had the opportunity to tattoo an old friend's daughter... I did a children's book with this girl's Mother in 2005-2006 and it's awesome that she brought her daughter to me for the first tattoo. Definitely a good day.

 FINALLY finished my roommate's sweet skullberries. I want to expand on this design, but I'm not sure if she wants to go bigger yet. She's a trooper for letting me do this on her!

 Saw my pal Steve two weeks ago... added more to the polynesian! We added onto exsisting lines, so when hes all healed up I need to go back and smooth out some areas, and we're going to draw on a continuation onto the back of his arm... I'll post the progress. I'm really happy with how things are coming along... this is a learning process for me and I hope to get more work like this, it's alot of fun.
 So far there's definitely a sharp line that divides the patterns I did before, and the new addition. Once he heals I'll make sure that line dissappears.
 Walkin from NJ....
Another walkin... cute lil teddy bear awwwww

More to come.... Been sketching my ass off lately so I will post those soon enough...

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