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Hawaii bound!

So it looks like I'm heading back out to Hawaii to guest spot at Skin Deep again. I leave Dec 2 and I come back to Philly sometime early Jan....very excited, yet very stressed out. Unfortunately we lost a very important man named Mike Brown, who has been tattooing for well over 30 years. Super nice guy, honest, funny and a pleasure to be around despite the fact that he can be cranky :) He let me tattoo him the last time I went out there, it was one of the first roses I ever did. He had an impact on me and I'll never forget him ...... here's to you Mike!

And now back to business..... since I'm leaving town in 2 weeks, I'm scrambling to get shit done and do as many tattoos as I can. Here's what I've been up to....

This was a sweet walkin that came in today... super nice guy that has a love for Sailor Jerry designs. He brought this one in, and we got it all done....after I get back we plan on doing more with his arm and adding all the stars and dots to go with it. Definitely fun one to do, my first Peacock!

Finally got to finish this one last week... Jon is letting me do some fun stuff on him lately! He let me design this lettering and do it however I wanted... so we finally finished it after the outline healed.... here's what we got so far...

The next one we started is a rose near his elbow... it's a crappy pic so when it's all done I'll be sure to post it.
Steve came back last week also to finish the poly segment that we started... we were finally able to get rid of that line that divided the spearheads... going to see how it heals up and hopefully I can get a nice touchup session in with him so I can get some good photos of this. I want to be able to put this in my book for Hawaii so I can get more experience with Poly designs.
The lovely Rose came back to NJ last week to get a few letters added to her IRS shield. After we were thinking about it, we should have just put the initials in the center of the shield, but at that time she was unsure about putting his name in there considering the shield was his....Anyway I got to see the tattoo up close and healed up, overall was happy with how the color healed, touched up a few tiny spots....the outline needed some work, I wasn't too stoked on how they seemed to blow out a little after it healed. I'm just being critical. Going to watch myself on that one.
A BIG kudos to Parker for letting me do this boxing cock on him!!! I got to play around with weird color combos and deal with working with really stretchy skin since he's lost so much weight over the years. This second session went way better, I got to see how his skin worked and had less trouble streching. I hope to see this healed great so I can get to the purple behind the head again... I want to blend it out more I think. Also it'll be good to see a pic without the blood :)
This was a walkin about a week and a half ago. A challenging design that definitely made me sweat a little, however it was a good challenge. I guess you could say it's good practice/warm-up for my upcoming trip to Hawaii...lots of tribal-type designs.

Well that's all for now, got a busy week coming up! I'll post more when time allows....


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